ASA Online Registration offers a registration and class management software solution to organizations that offer classes, workshops, events and conferences. Clients use our software to organize and manage their scheduled events/classes and offer their students/members the ability to register and pay online from the convenience of their home or office. Examples of our clients include schools, ROPs, community centers, fitness centers and stores with class/workshop offerings. For more information about our products, please visit us at our home page at

Do you have a credit card charge from ASA Online Registration?

If you have a credit card charge from ASA Online Registration, you or a member of your family has recently signed up for a class, workshop or event with one of our clients. Please see the list on the right to see which organization you are affiliated with.

If you need further information about the class/workshop, contact the organization directly or you can contact us at 800-969-2727. We would be happy to assist you in pinpointing the exact event you signed up for. Please note that all refunds must be handled by the organization running the class.